Makhua Shirima Bible Ministry

Makhua Bible School


With the Makhua Bible now available, the logical next phase is to start to train Makhua Church leaders across Niassa how to understand the Bible, how to teach it and how to preach it, with how to live the Bible at the basis of the training.
In July 2022, eleven students from ageing from 27 to 49 from five different areas in Niassa and five different denominations, came to Muapula for just over two weeks for the first “block” of two weeks full time training. We approach the training by using five broad subjects:
Bibiliya ni olaleya – The Bible and preaching
Muluku taani? – Who is God?
Yeesu ni ovuluxiwa – Jesus and Salvation
Omutthara Yeesu – Following Jesus (dischipleship)
Ekerexa – The Church

God worked gloriously in the lives of these students!! They returned in April this year to conclude the course during the second “block”. Please pray for them – we have their photos below as well.